Related Links

Related Links

These links are just suggestion of related ideas. Some of the toys or games below have many features that could be relevant for (future development of) c-cards, but although they represent an interesting convergence towards our c-cards, none of them support any computation-related metaphor. 

Toy Factory (in German) - a recent 3D game that has many features in common with c-cards. (a free demo version can be downloaded to see the concept).

PIPE DOWN - a flash 3D game that uses pipes and marbles to create structures very close to c-cards circuits. (free a playable demo is available).

Racer kuglebane (in Danish). It is a 3D pipe system to create a track for marbles.

Many similar toys are currently on sale, but none seems to support the computational metaphor, that is central to c-cards.

The central idea of c-cards, namely using toys for showing how symbol manipulation works, is simply still not covered by any of them.