Simulator & course

The c-cards starter kit:

All you need to start playing with c-cards is here ;)

E-Si : the javascript editor/simulator for c-cards

At the moment E-Si has been tested only on Internet Explorer. A new version is currently under development.

E-Si_java : the java (beta) editor/simulator

  • download E-Si_java
  • or run it from the web, using this JNLP (save/load may not work in this way)

Still work-in-progress. A more stable version (and possibly an applet or Java Network Launching version) will be available later this summer.

A course in Theoretical Computer Science for children

The course is made of 4 sessions of interactive reverse-engineering exercises.

  • Here you can:
    • download the whole course!
    • or try it whitout downloading: here

All exercises are based on E-Si, so you could have problems if you don't use Internet Explorer (sorry).