E-Si v0.8.5

User Manual

First of all the you should download E-Si (or open the web site)

When you open E-Si in your browser (IE is fully supported, but there can be some problems with other browsers) you should see 4 pages, one on the top plus three:

the first window on the right is the palette and contains all c-cards that you will use in E-Si; the central window (called display) is the area where you will create your own circuits, and the window on the left lists all commands available in E-Si.

In order to create a new circuit, you have to select (by clicking on the palette-window) a card that you want to add to the display

move the cursor in one of the cells of the display and click. Proceeding in this way you will define the layout of a circuit.

When the circuit is finished you can change the mode, so that E-Si becomes a simulator. You do that by clicking on the command window (at the top of it), selecting the radio-button "simulator".

Then simply by clicking on one of the source cards

then a peg will appear and start moving, following the rules of the c-cards. Peg movements are slow, to help you visualize its path. Note that you cannot start another peg until the first one has reached one of the pit-cards.

In E-Si v0.8.5 you can save (and reload ;) ) up to 3 circuits. Since the circuits are saved as cookies on your local machine, you will be able to access them even if you have been working with the on-line version of E-Si.

Andrea Valente
Aalborg University in Esbjerg - DK
email: av@cs.aue.auc.dk
homepage: www.cs.aue.auc.dk/~av